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Pinoy Real

Pinoy Real is a real story of High Achieving and Performing Individuals who are making a difference to make this world a better place to live.


It is inspired by the real story of a Filipino host on her journey to Personal Growth, Financial Freedom, and Healthy Lifestyle.

Katrina Sevilla Pinoy Real


What I Do


Broadcast Your Success Story

Your real-life success story brings a huge inspiration to those who are starting up the transformation process. Pinoy Real interviews  High-Performing Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, CEO’s, Employees, Learners, and package it as an effective online marketing tool.


Inspire You For More

Are you not sure how to progress your Health, Wealth, and Self-Worth? Pinoy Real shares life-changing one-on-one interviews and well-informed analyses on a regular basis. Pinoy Real combines +10 years of business experience that can help take off your passion into a profitable project.


Unleash Your Own Potential

Make your dream project happen! Join a Community of young and vibrant Coaches, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, and Learners who are ready to turn their potential into an inspiring money-making opportunity.

Why Choose Pinoy Real

Coaching You To Success

  • Real Stories

    Pinoy Real believes in the power of sharing personal stories and unique experiences. Real stories of regular yet inspiring people light up our brain and cause us to take action. We showcase real stories of real people in today's generation whether famous or not to inform, encourage but above and beyond to unleash humans' true potential that lies within us.

  • Proper Education

    Learn and be inspired from individuals who are not just merely talkers but doers! The best way to learn is by observing those who are dreamers but most of all doers. Talk is cheap but action is priceless! Pinoy Real is dedicated to pushing you forward so you can transform the emotional, physical, and financial aspects of your lives. 

  • Success Mindset

    Pinoy Real inspires to unleash your true potential! What if you can create a profitable business using your natural gifts and newly learned skills? Make an opportunity that is an expression of who you really are. Don’t wait any longer! Be part of real-inspiring Entrepreneurs of this digital age!


What My Clients Say?

A unique way for telling your personal path as mompreneur. Great flow in Q&A. Amazing result in an interview that I can share with my tribe.

Ruth S.

Solo Entrepreneur

Being shy made me to avoid YouTube and interviews. With Pinoy Real I told my story for the first time. A wonderful experience that made me overcome my fear.

Kristine C.

Work From Home Mom

Inspiring words from an inspiring entrepreneur. Pinoy Real is the real deal if you need your business coaching done right.

Renaat S.

Co-Founder at Django NGO

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Social Pilot
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Katrina Sevilla

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