3 Challenges You Will Experience When Deciding To Change or Transform

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Let’s talk about 3 important things that we are going to experience as we go through the process of changing or transformation. Whether you are changing a new career, launching your youtube channel or a brand, you are studying new skills online that can potentially add to your streams of income, some would like to step up their mindset, or maybe you would like to improve your relationships with family and friends, we all know that at some points along the way, we are going to deal with bumps here and there. These challenges are going to come along anyway. They are inevitable. So how we deal with these 3 important things as we change and improve our lives is going to determine our future. 

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The feeling of Uncertainty

The first thing that is really going to challenge us before we can even cross over to starting to change or transform is being in the state of Uncertain. It seems that we humans are wired of feeling afraid whenever we decide to do something new, or to get out of the box, or to go and live in a different place. Whenever we change certain areas of our lives, we tend to become afraid because we don’t know if it’s going to turn out good or not. Is that correct? As I see this is exactly, the main reason why most people don’t try to change or don’t even want to talk about the idea of improving or transforming their lives is that they already prejudged their future or their results. 

Uncertainty is very terrifying and that leads to many people not starting to change for good. 

For example:

You would like to live healthier and stronger. And you have this thought of following a certain diet or exercise. But then your mind says, what if these healthy diet and exercise don’t work? And so you decided immediately to stop the thought and not pursue anything at all that will lead you to live healthier and stronger. 

How to Resolve Doubt and Uncertainty?

How do we fix Uncertainty? Everything starts in our minds. Whatever information that we feed in our minds become our thoughts, until it becomes words, and then reality. So tell your mind, you know what I’m not perfect and no one is. But I’m going to make a decision today to improve this area of my life whatever it takes. I’m going to learn new skills today. I’m going to apply for that job even if my English proficiency is not there yet. I’m just going to do my best as I improve myself even if I had no idea if it’s going to turn out in my favor. 

The Fear of Being Judged or Rejected

The next thing why many people step back to change or transform or impact their lives is the fear of being judged or rejected. This is probably the most painful challenge a person who decides to change will face many times along the way. Especially in this age, where many people can easily access social media. It becomes very easy to point out mistakes and make fun of those who are trying to change their lives.

The most common remarks I hear are like: Why can’t you just be happy and contented with your life? Why are you doing that? Who do you think you are? Oh, I know that person. She is this or that. They judged you based on how they think they know you. And that’s mostly the case. What happens is that people will try to box you on how they want to see you. They make a conception like, this is how your circle is going to be. This is how I know you and this is what you will become. It seems like they know you but they don’t. They don’t know what your abilities and skills are. They don’t know your potential. Only you, yourself know. 

How to deal with Judgement or rejection?

So how to deal with judgment and rejection? In this digital age, where we are living now, we will hear so many voices. Sad to say, most of these voices will draw us back from pursuing our goals and improving our lives. In this situation, you will have to make a decision whether you are going to live life-based on the standard of the crowd or,  you are going to live the life that you are called to do? Are you going to lower your standard of mindset just because there is one person who failed to recognize your gifts, talent, and abilities? 

In my personal view, there will always be people who will judge you. It’s hard to say, but even your families or friends can possibly judge you. For me, the best way to deal with judgment is to let go of it. I want to be able to express who I really am and what I want in life without any inhibitions. I want to have the personal freedom to dream, work out my life, improve myself, and help more people. I believe that as you work consistently with your goals and results start showing up, those haters might become your fans. Later on, they will realize that time is gold, we have to better ourselves now or it’s too late

The State of Being Uncomfortable

The last thing, that all of us will encounter when trying to change and transform is being uncomfortable. Most people say no to hard work, struggle, and difficulty. You know why? It is because most of us are afraid to go outside of our comfort zones. To change/improve/impact our lives, we need to take a lot of effort. Yes, it is going to be difficult. It means sometimes going on sleepless nights to finish a certain project. It could also mean sacrificing your Friday night out with friends and instead of staying home and learning new skills online. It could also be that less shopping for you, so you can start investing part of your savings to a money-making activity, that will give you the opportunity to earn and invest more. Being uncomfortable means sacrificing these little things that we are used to doing just in the meantime, while we are working hard in gaining new skills and building our best characters. 

How to Cope Up with Being Uncomfortable?

How do we deal with being uncomfortable during the process of change? You know what, being in the state of uncomfort allows us to think bigger and grow our lives. As a result, we begin to inspire and help other people when our cup is overflowing. I personally would encourage you, if you are in the process of transformation, get yourself the best mentor in the field that you would like to improve. Next, hone your skills and your mind. You can do that by reading books or listening to audiobooks of the highest performing authors in the area that you would like to improve. According to a recent survey an average CEO read about 60 books a year or 5 books a month. What kind of books do CEO’s read? Well, according to the research, they read books that help them become wiser, sharper, and tougher in life. 

Here’s the thing, we are our own CEO of our lives. We manage, run, decide for our own selves. It is our own responsibility, to seek knowledge, improve our skills, and progress our lives. Finally, the best thing to cope up with being uncomfortable is to find a community where life, success, and growth are celebrated. Connect yourself with people who have the same mindset and values as yours. 

If you are currently in the process of transformation or change, which among the 3 challenges are you going through, right now? Maybe, you are experiencing all these 3 things, at the same time. Let me know how you are coping up with the situation. Kindly comment down below so that our viewers can also read them.