A Filipino-born writer and author based in The Netherlands published her books at 75 years of age | An Interview with Remedios Dorio

Who is Remedios Dorio?

Remedios Dorio is a Filipino-born based in The Netherlands, and now just enjoying her retirement. She loves writing and that was her profession between 1962 and 1963. She started working in the radio as a drama talent and considered herself a pioneering talent of DYRH in Bacolod City. Now after 55 years of taking a break from writing she started again her passion and self-published three books in KDP Amazon. She says, “I am still writing and will write as long as I can. I am now halfway to my new novel and hope to publish it next month.”

📚 Remedios Dorio's Published Books
The Filipina Wives and Their Dutch Husbands
Six Ways In One Road
See Through
Filipino Writer-Author REMEDIOS DORIO Interview | Artist based in The Netherlands | Pinoy Real

Interview Summary:

04:02 – Remedios shares how her childhood was growing up in Bacolod City, The Philippines…

18:11 – How she overcame refusals and turned them into her own advantage.

19:58 – How did Remedios end up in The Netherlands?

28:37 – What is “Six Ways In One Road” all about?

36:08 – What to expect from “The Filipina Wives and Their Dutch Husbands”?

42:20 – The collections of the novel, “See Through”…

46:36 – Remedio’s advice to the younger generation who likes to pursue in writing…