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Katrina Sevilla


Filipino born Host of Pinoy Real

Katrina is passionate about bringing the best out of your entrepreneurial story.

She is a Filipino born mompreneur, now living in Belgium. She is committed to helping her clients to share their inspiring journeys as an entrepreneur.

"Does your life story resonate with mine? You're not alone on this journey!"

Born from a typical working to a middle-class Filipino family, Katrina Sevilla was raised in a traditional concept where the only way to be successful in life is by studying hard, acquiring a degree with flying colors, and securing a stable job. She grew up in an impoverished village in the province of South Cotabato and witnessed harsh conditions of families living paycheck to paycheck including her own. 

Exposed to realities in life & society including the passing of her mother from a heart complication due to type 2 diabetes, Katrina has been actively looking for solutions to self-improvement, financial literacy, and a healthy lifestyle. 

"A platform built to showcase stories of  inspiring & successful individuals whether famous or not."

It started with a lifelong dream until she continued working out her skills-set. Katrina aspires to connect with people who are making a difference in this world so that she can share the message of hope to people who look for personal transformation. The brand "Pinoy Real" is coined from two important matters that are close to her heart. "Pinoy" is an informal word referring to Filipino people. While "Real" is inspired by her best-loved YouTube channel, London Real, hosted by Brian Rose. 

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