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“What is Pinoy Real all about?”

Pinoy Real is inspired from the life journey of the host to personal growth, financial freedom, and healthy lifestyle. Pinoy Real also showcases compelling stories of high-achievers from different parts of the globe. Ultimately, it is a platform built for people who are hungry for self-transformation; a place to be for movers and shakers who are not merely talkers but hustle big time. 

"Does Your Life Story Resonate With Mine? You're Not Alone On This Journey!"

Katrina is the host behind Pinoy Real. She is a Filipino born and now lives in Belgium together with her loving husband and thriving kids. Born from a lower middle-class Filipino family, Katrina was raised in a traditional concept where the only way to be successful in life is by studying hard, acquiring a degree with flying colors, and securing a stable job. She grew up in an impoverished village in the southern part of The Philippines and witnessed harsh conditions of families living paycheck to paycheck including her own family. 

Exposed to realities in life & society including the passing of her mother from a chronic disease, consequently Katrina has been actively looking for solutions to self-improvement, financial freedom, and a healthy lifestyle.

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Pinoy Real

Unleash the Best Version of Yourself!

Get a regular dose of inspiration and motivation; plus back it up with massive actions and your life will never be the same again.

We're living in the Information Age where ignorance is no longer acceptable. Knowledge is your greatest asset! Turn it into a product!

“Where is Pinoy Real headed?”

It is Pinoy Real's highest goal to spread the good news about personal improvement and make a difference to as many Filipino lives around the world.


“Is Pinoy Real interested in being contacted by PR or marketing people?”

Pinoy Real is open for working together. Please fill out the contact form to get in touch with Katrina. An email reply is expected within the next 24-48 working hours.

"Make Personal Growth a Daliy Priority."

- John C. Maxwell

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