How to Get the Right Support to Succeed? – Building A Business Is Hard Work by Laura Hurubaru

Laura Hurubaru is a Romanian-born Entrepreneur now living with her family in London. She is a Business Strategy Coach, the Founder of the Fastest Route From Scratch to Cash University, and is helping Corporate Women launch their successful online businesses.

📚 Laura Hurubaru's Favorite Books
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma
Quantum Warrior: The Future of the Mind by John Kehoe
Building a Business is Hardwork | Get the Right Support to Succeed | Laura Hurubaru | Pinoy Real

Interview Summary:

01:32 – Laura shares her feelings about the Coronavirus period and the current situation in London…
03:57 – Her background as a Romanian born before moving to London and starting her successful online business…
05:46 – She shares her transition processes from one working in the corporate to now working at home and being the CEO of her own business.
08:52 – Laura explains the huge difference from one working for someone else’s company to one managing her own business.
12:15 – “It’s being able to recognize your small wings because it’s from these small wings those big success comes!”
13:00 – An entrepreneur, you have to be ruthless of your time. Learn to delegate or outsource tasks.
13:40 – Laura talks about problem-solving as a very important skill every entrepreneur should have.
15:53 – Her greatest inspiration in life…
18:10 – What she loves most about being her own boss that she didn’t experience in the corporate…
22:02 – Struggles she faces in her business in this Digital Age…
24:05 – Business strategies that she applies in her business…
25:00 – Pick-up new skills and learn from other people in directing your path…
25:32 – Results matter to Entrepreneurs, Laura shares her strategy in helping corporate women launch their businesses.
28:12 – What does it mean for Laura to be a woman in this Digital Age?
30:45 – Laura’s tips for women who are looking to start an online opportunity…
32:30 – What she loves most about life…
33:04 – Laura shares her favorite personal development books…
35:00 – Money-mindset plays a huge factor in women’s success…

Full Interview: Building a Business is Hard work

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (00:00):

This is Pinoy Real. I’m Katrina Sevilla today. My guest of honor is coming all the way from London, and she is on fire. Her name is Laura Hurubaru who is a business strategy coach, the founder of from scratch to cash fast university, and is running her own digital online business. Laura, welcome to Pinoy Real.

Laura Hurubaru (00:40):

Hi Katrina. Thank you for inviting me. I’m so honoured to be here and to be able, you know, to speak in front of your audience and you know, inspire them with my story, with whatever what I have to share. Thank you for doing this.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (00:54):

You’re welcome. Thank you for joining with me today. Laura. It’s a great pleasure to have you here at Pinoy Real this week I have been praying and looking to interview someone with online coaching backgrounds and there you go. You came just right on it.

Laura Hurubaru (01:11):

Thank you. Thank you. I, you know how they say everything happens in perfect timing. You know, divine timing and everything is there is no coincidence. Everything is as it’s supposed to be. So yes, I’m, I’m very happy to be here.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (01:26):

That’s true. I like that word. Divine timing. So before we start the interview session, how is it going there in London, in this Corona virus period?

Laura Hurubaru (01:38):

Well, to be honest, I’m a little disappointed. I was hoping that for my birthday I will have a present from the universe where they, the kids go back to school. I’m very honest with you, but they only, they’re only planning on starting with reception year one in year six and my kids are in year two, so they will not go back to school this year. I don’t think they will probably in September. But yeah. Yes. So they are relaxing some rules and that encouraging some people, some traits to go back to work, but still maintaining social distancing and still, you know, providing rules and regulations for how the businesses should operate. So, you know, minimize the effect of spreading the virus. Yes. Yes.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (02:30):

All right. Same here in Belgium. I’m glad to see that lockdown measures are now slowly being lifted, but in fact, this week, most shops are back to reopening.

Laura Hurubaru (02:42):

Yeah. Yes. Because it’s been a bit challenging. I’ll be very honest and not having the kids at home all day long and having to run a business, you know, and not having time for yourself or told cause before that usually my Fridays are days off, so I don’t work. I don’t do anything but me, you know. But now I don’t have anywhere to go. I can’t do it. Me, you know? So yes. But yeah, you know, I’m hopeful, you know, in time we at least can go out more.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (03:12):

Yes. But on the other hand, this time is a great opportunity to do something at home. So this is why digitizing is the way the new way to go. Like online shopping, digital business, right?

Laura Hurubaru (03:26):

Yes. Yes. That’s true. For a lot of people. It’s going to be like a wake up call and finding different ways to earn an income, different ways to spend their time, you know, and different ways to take care of themselves, of their health and so on and so forth. Yes. Obviously

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (03:44):

That’s true. So Laura, it’s so very interesting to know your story and how you made it to where you are right now. Really a Romanian born and now in London. So share to us your background before you started your online digital business.

Laura Hurubaru (04:03):

So yes, I am originally from Romania. I came in the UK in 2015 I started out in my profession as an IT person, a software development, a software developer plus programming. It’s a national language now. So I started in 2003 as a software developer and then I moved and climbed the ladder in the corporate world. Worked for almost 15 years and you know, went being a team leader, senior software development manager, then senior development manager, associate director, having teams working for myself, building software, you know, worth of millions of pounds, you know, these days. Yes, that’s in a nutshell, you know if you were interested in my technical background or in my career background.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (04:58):

All right, great. So you really have a vast background in the corporate.

Laura Hurubaru (05:04):

Yes, yes. My, my, my background comes from yes, cooperate working with processes and teams and I’ve been doing coaching in that as well. And there is a framework called agile, which you, you build your software in a certain way. So I’ve been coaching teams, leading teams and you know lead transformational programs in terms of culture but also how they do the work to be more effective and much more we’ve quality with higher quality as much higher quality. Yes.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (05:36):

Great. All right. So Laura, tell us how do you actually a transition, I mean from being a corporate to business person or a corporate employee to someone working at home, having your own business.

Laura Hurubaru (05:52):

Yes, it was always my dream to be honest. My first attempt at my own business was in 2011 I think. And I had my kids in 2012 and I wasn’t very successful at the time. But this time around, you know, in 2018 I had this business idea. It was still because of my kids. I had to quit my job because I had to fire my old pair. She was bullying my kids and I said, I’m like, I’m not doing this to them. I’m not going to let a stranger to do that to them. So I had to quit. I was in July and at that time it was very hard to find somebody new and replace them soon. So it’s like I quit and then I had a plan to go back in to work, but as a contractor, as a freelancer, but I think the universe had other plans and then I said, what if now is the time to go back to my dream that I always had to have my own business and then from there I had this idea in February 2018, I will never forget it. And then you see what I have now? Yes. That’s the transition. I was kind of forced into it.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (07:08):

What a story. Laura, you had to fire your pair, however that on the other hand, that was a wake up call for you to follow your dreams.

Laura Hurubaru (07:20):

Yes. I’m always like, I was thinking I was already going to events. I was already investing, but I wasn’t, you know, my plan was that I’m having like a exit plan from the corporate and I’m doing it part on the side. You know, why I get it to a certain level to like get, you know and live the corporate job like safely. But like I said, the universe said something else at other plants and looking back, you know, now I know it was the only way because I am that person who, who gives everything, whatever I’m doing, I put my old tweets. So if I have a problem with my kids for example, I’ll do whatever to help my kids. If I have a problem in my job, I’ll make sure I put everything I have to solve that problem. Therefore, it would have not worked to have it both because I would have broad, probably focused more on my job that actually makes sure I’m taking the steps and the actions required, you know, to have results in my business. So I think the, you know, like I said, the universe did me a favour and you know allowed me or gave me the opportunity to focus full on, on making this business work. Yes.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (08:39):

Yes. That’s so inspiring Laura. So I would like to know, can you describe to us your feeling when you were transitioning from a one working in the corporate to now managing your own time and being own boss?

Laura Hurubaru (08:56):

Because I know there’s a huge difference from distress and that is a huge mindset shift. And you can feel, it can feel very lonely, you know, cause when you go to a job, you have a boss, he will tell you or she will tell you what to do, right. What’s your next assignment? And if you did, all right, you know, and if you need help, you have someone to go to plus your peers, you know, your, your co-workers. You always can, you now ask them, you know, for help or what will you do in this case and so on and so forth. And even if it’s not work related, you don’t need help. Just the fact that you can for 10 minutes step outside and talk to somebody about the last movie they saw, it’s still you. You are surrounded by people.

Laura Hurubaru (09:42):

And when you, you know, work from home, you have nobody, you are your own boss and you will sometimes your worst boss, you know, because you don’t give yourself a Slack, you don’t give free time, you don’t give yourself the words and bonuses and so on and so forth. You actually, you know, beat yourself up to do more and so on and so forth. So yes, it can become difficult from that perspective because it can feel very lonely. And the second thing that changed, which I, you know had an impact on my health, I did not pay attention to it. It was a bit too, let’s just say, not to let, because I quoted, but people don’t expect to happen is I changed my eating patterns and routines and I did not realize I was harming myself because I wanted something quick.

Laura Hurubaru (10:31):

You know, something quick. You know, I don’t have to spend time cooking, I don’t have to spend time cleaning. So I can go back to work again, you know, and make my business work. So then I had a, you know, not as healthy choices, which led for me to, you know have some issues if my health, yes. What were you able to resolve that part? Of course, of course. Cause for me, the way it showed was in lack of energy, like I had no energy throughout the day. And for me, this is like my fuel. If I don’t have energy to take care of myself, I couldn’t let me know. I didn’t have energy for anything really. So I said, I need to sort this out. Therefore, I looked for solutions, you know, I, I hire special help, you know, and they helped me and now I’m good.

Laura Hurubaru (11:19):

Now my energy is back again. Yes. But yet it was because of my poor choices in the, you know, what I choose to eat because I wanted quick, now you know, I don’t have time, I need to do this, you know, and so on and so forth. So those are the two things that I think people don’t really expect. It’s good for a month or two after I poured. It becomes really challenging and you need to have some support structures in place to make sure you know you move forward in a, you know, in a constant pace but also positive. It’s really true what you said, Laura, that

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (11:54):

You really have to put all things in or there you gotta be good at time management as well. Today you will be the one doing all the tasks. You will be number one. As an entrepreneur, we have to be willing to work for free during those.

Laura Hurubaru (12:15):

Yes, yes and yes. Yes. And don’t expect the results but also being able to recognize your small wings because it’s like it’s from this small wins that the big success comes. And then even though that’s more winded than being, you know, your next client, but it’s the next step towards getting your next client, you know, it’s still a big way, right? Because it’s a journey and it’s made out of this small wins and learning to celebrate and acknowledge yourself for all these small wins along the way. It’s key because otherwise you feel like you’re not doing anything and you’re going in being in circles and actually you are on your journey, but you can’t see it until you cross over something like that. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And it’s really mandatory. Like you said, you will have to be ruthless with your time. You have to be very conscious what you spend your time on or learn to delegate because I learned to outsource the things that I didn’t want to do, you know, so you know, learn how to do that and what is required to be in house in a way that you have to learn as a CEO and what can be done by other people so you can focus on the activities that you know, have the highest value in your business.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (13:36):

Right, right. Okay. So you studied computer science.

Laura Hurubaru (13:40):

Yes, yes, yes,

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (13:42):

Yes. So definitely you have backgrounds in solving problems.

Laura Hurubaru (13:47):

Definitely, yes. That one. My skills, one of my skills to solve problems. Yes.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (13:51):

It really helps you to do what you’re doing now …

Laura Hurubaru (13:56):

Definitely, I mean obese needs really is solving problems all the time. You know, it’s like really know you solve let’s say a five-figure business problems, then you move solving six-figure business problems, then you move into solving seven-figure business problems. It’s really a series of problems that you solve. So yes, obviously that my problem solving helped because I know, okay, what do I need to do? It’s a very pragmatic way of looking at things. This doesn’t work. What do I know I need to do? I tweak it and see what happens. And also this kind of not researching, but experience, experimenting, kind of thinking, you know, it’s just let’s do some research, see what happens to change this, see what happens, change that, see what happens and take it. Like, like, let’s see what’s happening. You know, like a test now I did this and it didn’t work.

Laura Hurubaru (14:48):

Oh, I’m a failure. No, this didn’t work. Let’s tweak. See, next thing, does it work? Yes or no? Is it better? Is it worse? You know? And, and do like an analysis and understanding, you know, and this is how you is, you will be tweaking, you will be trying different things till you succeed. And you know, I love the saying where they say I don’t remember who said it, but I didn’t fail 90 to 90 times. I just found 19 nine ways that don’t work till I find the hundred that work. And also it’s not failing and, or fail. It is part of success. You need to fail, you know, many times to actually find the right way that gives you the, you know, the result that you expect,

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (15:30):

Comforting words to hear. Laura. So you think that being a problem solver is a an essential

Laura Hurubaru (15:44):

Essentially. Essentially it’s, it’s a series of problems, and we move to the next problem and then the next problem and then the next problem and then eventually you have something working, you know? Yes, absolutely.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (15:54):

Absolutely. Now, I’d love to know who is your greatest inspiration in life?

Laura Hurubaru (16:01):

Yes. For me it’s not a secret. Everyone knows it’s Anthony Robbins. I love the guy. I mean I was in an event, you know, a while back and women are looking at me, Laura, I need to, you know, company. We thought they were obvious because you can’t even speak, you know, like I, it’s, it’s not, you know, kind of inspiration and that kind of admiration for him that he like I, if I will meet him now, I think I’ll joke, I don’t think I’d be able to speak. But the reason why is because, you know, I’ve read his book, I watch his videos mostly on YouTube and I could see how he was coaching people and I could see in his eyes how genuine he was and how loving and caring he was. And then I could see it on people’s faces. That transformation, I could see it hit, you know, and I always wanted to be able to do something like that because for me it’s like, it’s, it’s amazing.

Laura Hurubaru (16:56):

It’s not like, it’s like science fiction for kids, you know, I like to be able to do that. You were just saying few words, you know, it’s not the same few words. It’s really knowing what to say when to say it. It’s more than that. But you know, with his skill the impact that he has on those people and the energy and everything he brings, you know, in the room. And so, yes, he is my inspiration. I’m looking up to him and I want to be like him, you know, and so on and so forth. Yes.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (17:25):

He’s a very inspiring person. I love to watch his videos as well on YouTube and really one day I got to see him live on.

Laura Hurubaru (17:38):

Yes, it’s an inspiring and like life-changing experience. I’ve been to UPW two times already, so yes, I would recommend to anyone goes. I mean, when you know, praying that God would keep him alive enough so my kids can see him live, you know, at best he changed my life. I mean, he changed my life. Yes. For his work. He changed my life.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (18:04):

Yes. I said amen to that.

Laura Hurubaru (18:06):

Yes. Yes.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (18:08):

What do you love most about your current profession that you didn’t experience when you were working in the corporate as a software developer?

Laura Hurubaru (18:18):

Yes. I know it’s going to sound like a cliché, but it’s really doing what I want to do when I want to do it with whomever I want to do it. Like really if I want to try something, nobody can tell me no, we need to think about X and doing the politics bullshit. You know, that you always feel in the corporate, not a, you know, attending to somebody as Eagles or you know, there are no money but I didn’t ask for money. And, so I like all kinds of excuses not to do something because you know, people are not as responsive to trying new things and taking risks and so on and so forth. They really want to cause a job. No, no, no problems for me. Let’s take the known route. And I was never taking the known neurology. I was always trying new things and wanting to improve and change.

Laura Hurubaru (19:03):

And, so I didn’t have a very smooth, you know job like very smooth career to be honest. So for me being able to implement whatever ideas I come up with, really choosing whom I work with when I work. Even now, for example, if the Coronavirus, if I had had a job, like a traditional job, nine to six, I would have had to be blood to the laptop to prove that I’m working, you know, and my kids, if they need me, I can’t do anything about it. It would have been very, very, very challenging. In this case it was challenging. So what do I do? What do I do? What shall I do half of a day? I spend it with my kids, so I’m there. So I’m taking care of their needs, you know, during the school’s activity, playing time, you know, playing with them, spending time with them and the afternoons I’m doing my business.

Laura Hurubaru (19:57):

Yes I cut the hours almost in half, but I can do this, you know, and it’s, you know, allowing us to have like a good experience of this look down instead of, you know, remembering mommy was always on the meeting, on the phone, in the meetings and shouting at us. Because they, she wanted quiet. You know, it’s a different experience for all of us, not just for my kids but for me as a mom and for their father because he works from home. So that’s my, you know, like that I love the most and I always wanted, you know, I just want to make my own time, you know, I just want to work when I want to work on. I’m very productive and if I want more money I put more hours. But if I don’t, I’m okay. You know, I can decide when I stop, which could be done in my previous roles. No, not really

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (20:48):

Nice. The word there is freedom.

Laura Hurubaru (20:51):

Freedom. Yes. Freedom. So because I also wanted digital, I just didn’t want my own business. I wanted to be an online business because he has, freedom is a very strong value for me. Like I really want to be free to try things. I really want to be free to do only what I love to do. You know, I want to be free. If today I don’t feel good, I don’t want to work, you know, I really want to rest and so on and so forth. And I wanted to be anywhere in the world. Like, really, I don’t want to spend, you know, like if I want to see the sun and if I can afford it, why wouldn’t I go to see the sun? You know, why do I have to ask permission to my boss to go and see the sun, you know? And then him telling me about what about your job? Like I know it’s taken care of course otherwise I wouldn’t ask those silly questions, you know? No. So for me it wasn’t like really freedom was a very, it still is a very huge value for me and this business allows me to do that. Yes.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (21:52):

That’s really nice to hear. Thank you for that Laura. So I’m in this digital or information age of doing business. I’m sure that there are also challenges that too, that you may encounter in the industry. So can you tell us what are they?

Laura Hurubaru (22:09):

What I believe the biggest challenge is that is too much information and also not really high transparency around how much money you need to invest, how much time in you to invest, what actions do you need to take really to make it. And a lot of people, they think they become millionaire overnight, and they hope that if they bought a 2000-year-old course group coaching, whatever, they will have their 10 K month business, you know? And it’s not going to happen. And there is not much transparency about that. That is so much information and ways of doing it. And that’s okay because everyone is different and therefore every business is different. So obviously you will find thousands of way of making it because everyone else was different than they made it in their own way. So it’s very hard to figure out your own way, you know, and get advice at the same time.

Laura Hurubaru (23:11):

You know, how do you balance how much you trust yourself and what you want and how much you take from other people. Because yes, you don’t know everything you like, you don’t even know what you don’t know. So you need to learn from other people. But it’s like where, where is, you know the balance between I want this because this is who I am and this is the business I want to create and this is the model that I want to employ and what am I taking as outside advice or that can be confusing, that can be overwhelming and that can lead to being stuck because you don’t know what to do with it. Here or here. Do I do like them? Do I be like me? You know, and it’s like constant, constant juggling between the two.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (23:54):

Right. Okay. So it’s really also following which values you should you go to. Is it your old values which you got from working as an employee or following, didn’t you, you know, sets of values that you’d get from your training.

Laura Hurubaru (24:12):

So, but also strategies cause whatever you are doing as an employee is not going to work as a CEO. Like you said already previously, you have many, many jobs. Like when I started, like in 2011, like I told her and I realized I was failing, I put down all the jobs that I was doing and I realized I was doing 40 people job, like 40 jobs a week. If you put the management and everything, if you really lay down the structure and it’s like I am not qualified, not even for a 10% out of this. I haven’t been trained, I haven’t been in school. You know, it was like, how can I expect to get any results doing less than a mediocre job? You know, besides the fact that I’m doing 40 people’s jobs. So it’s like that you have many, many jobs and many hats you need to where you couldn’t possibly have learned to doing a corporate job because you weren’t wearing them then, you know. So yeah, it is a measure or a fraction of you need to pick up new skills and you need to love other people. But also understanding what your path is, is my path and I’m taking what allows me to move on my path, you know, in my way. You know, and distinguishing between the two.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (25:23):

Yes. Okay. Thank you so much Laura. So as the leader of your own business resilience to you a lot. Correct. So what kind of measurable results have you helped your clients achieve and tell us about them.

Laura Hurubaru (25:39):

So like, like my, you know, my title says from scratch to cash fast and this, this is what I help them get from no idea or hundreds of ideas of potential businesses that could have, we create the business idea, and we launch it in less than three months. And what they can have is like from being not known, nobody knows they even exist to having 45 people interested into their offer that we just created together. So they have their business idea, they have that package, they have a small audience to start marketing themselves and you know, calling people to book a call in themselves, you know, and also a test, like a beta test. I always go test before you do anything. So probably it comes from software because we’ve already test the software before they launch it. Yes. So you always stay. So we run, we create also a mini beta testing launch program. So they know they get all their data before they’re starting building their website during their photo, doing their PR, investing in ads and so on and so forth. So they know they take all the boxes, and they have a strong offer. People interested in their offer and the willing to buy.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (26:53):

Right. Okay. Who is mainly your target market?

Laura Hurubaru (26:57):

That’s true. Incorporate corporate, we mean a 35 45 in mean this bracket. Age bracket? Yes.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (27:05):

Okay. Yes. So it’s mainly women in the corporate world.

Laura Hurubaru (27:09):

Well, even in the corporate who want to launch a business, like at school, the one they create their business and are, so, you know, it’s very hard for them to know what is it that you need to do? What is it a good, how do they, you know, take a traditional job and make it into a business, right? How do they package that expertise, so they can create a business around that. And it’s not always straightforward and it’s not always easy to see why. Because most of the time the people who are very talented, they have innate abilities. They are blind to them. They don’t know why they’re successful in their jobs. Not really. And they don’t know. You know how to take that. That’s make them like problem solving. Yes. Cause you said about problem solving. I packaged problem solving basically in this business because I help them solve a problem. Right. But they don’t know how to package that expertise. The skills that they think sets them apart. How do you package that into a program, into an offer that you can launch a business around that. So I’m helping that. I help him. I’m helping them with that as well.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (28:10):

Okay, good. So for Laura Hurubaru, what does it mean to be a woman in this information or digital age?

Laura Hurubaru (28:19):

Yes. It’s like four. I think four. We mean this digital era is such a huge, not opportunity but gift because now they can create the life that they want in the way they wanted, and they don’t have to compromise either their career or there, you know, mother who being a mother, they really don’t have to compromise that. And they have, you know, finally they have a tool that works for them. Like really, cause even if you go to, you know, like if we have to look into the case study, how women started getting to work and so on and so forth, even though, and they used to stay at home and take care of the family, and then they moved into having jobs and more man jobs. Yes. Like really going everywhere in every field. They still are stuck to their nine to five and even more than 40 hours a week, you know.

Laura Hurubaru (29:13):

And if for some reason they want to stay home because they, they gave birth, they need to plan it to make sure they are still considered for a CEO for example, or for a senior position, which is like they can’t be moms. And senior leaders at the same time. It’s a very, very tough, but in this like you create as your company as big as you like it to me, you know, you give it as much time as you want to give it to it, right? You make obviously as much money as you put in it. Obviously you also can have, you know, your family time without having to feel like you’re compromising anything really.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (29:55):

Right. I like it when you said that digital is really a gift to all of us. It’s such a blessing because I’m also a mother and I can feel for all the mothers out there who are doing things at the same time being a mother. That’s really challenging part, I guess digital, you know? With digital age we can do things we want.

Laura Hurubaru (30:23):

Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And we’ll do your schedule around your kids and not having to answer to anybody when you feel like working when you don’t feel like working. Yes.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (30:34):

Thank you, Laura. Now there are a lot of people out there, especially women who are looking to start a new opportunity with digital business. What simple tips do you have for other women who would like to start their new digital career or business?

Laura Hurubaru (30:52):

This is such a broad question, but I think they always have to find, you know, a mentor or multiple mentors and groups to start as you know, joining them and be around people, women, men doesn’t matter. But people who have similar dreams, like if they want freedom, people who really want freedom and because there is no one way that works and there is no easy way to get there. The fastest way is to be surrounded by people who think like that. So you can learn from them. Yeah, don’t go at it alone. I think it’s dangerous because I, I like to use the same metaphor with learning how to drive. You would not take the car to do it. Let’s see how I’m doing on my own and then I’ll hire a new structure if I’m not that good. I believe business is very much like driving.

Laura Hurubaru (31:45):

The danger is that you will quit too soon because you don’t have results, but you could also spend a lot of money. And a lot of time and not getting anything back in return. So hired a mentor, hire a coach, don’t go at it alone. Of course, you’ll need to self-educate on some level, but at least the coach can tell you this is the next problem you need to solve. Let’s start picking up some skills in that area. You know, you have a roadmap and it’s applied to you. So don’t go at it alone. Be surround yourself with people who have shared similar dreams. These are the two, if you follow this, I think you’ll be well on your way to having your own life business. Yes.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (32:30):

Great. Thank you for that, Laura. So what they love most about life?

Laura Hurubaru (32:35):

Oh, I love that question. I, I, what I love about life is actually you get to create it the way you wanted to. Low blast detail. You can specify to the last detail and that’s powerful and exciting and I can’t, they will have words, enough words to, to tell about it. But that’s the beauty of it. You get to create it the way you want it. Like, how much more do you want?

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (32:59):

All right. Yes, very true. So Laura to wrap up, I’d like to know what’s your favorite personal development book and tell us about it.

Laura Hurubaru (33:11):

That’s a hard question for me because I added so many, I don’t remember the whole, I can tell you about my first book that, you know, like, or the first book that I was aware is putting me on a certain path and the book that I’m reading now, will that work for you? Yes, sure. Yeah. So the first book that I remember it set me on this path was the monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma. And it’s about a lawyer who leaves his expensive suit and the porch and everything to go, you know, to meet the monks and go somewhere in the desert and you know have a solid, tidy life. And then he comes back with what he learned and wants to teach other people as well. And the work that I’m reading now, it’s called the quantum warrior, the future of the mind by Joan keyhole.

Laura Hurubaru (34:01):

And the reason I love this book now and I’m reading it is because it brings more facts around what the quantum physics starts demonstrating that, you know, the mystics always said like we’ve always won. We create our reality with our thoughts and so on and so forth. So it’s describing the relationship between our mind and our reality in a scientific way with facts proven by quantum physics and all experiments. So I find it very how do you say? Interesting, interesting. And I love it because the science is speaking up with what spiritual, you know, people already knew only at the intuitive level, but now we have the science proving it, which is very, you know, exciting for me to read and see and experience that. Yes.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (34:52):

Okay. That’s so wonderful to hear, Laura, I really do appreciate your time and most of all your knowledge and expertise on business coaching or do you have any final words before we end the interview?

Laura Hurubaru (35:08):

I think what most people, when they’re starting out, they really underestimate what it takes to succeed. And what I see mostly in the women that I’m working with, that money mindset plays a huge factor in their success. So even if you believe you don’t have money issues, if it’s not, if it’s the only thing you start working right now is on your money, I’m guaranteeing you this, you’ll be successful. Because I thought I didn’t have money mindset issues because I had a six-figure salary. So I thought me, no, like I’m learning as much and there’s not so many people who aren’t as much. Right? But then when I started reading and working on myself and seeing my conversations with my prospects and so on their software, it would become obvious that I have some money mindset limitation. So if there is nothing else, you dedicate your time. Now, if you have more time available to you, spend on reading, you know books on money mindset and work with yourself on your money mindset, I can promise you, you will have a lot of baggage there that you’re not aware of that will become handy when you will start your own business.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (36:23):

All right? It’s really the money mindset.

Laura Hurubaru (36:26):

Yes. Money mindset.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (36:27):

Okay. Alright, so for those who would like to reach you or follow you, how can they get in touch with you?

Laura Hurubaru (36:34):

So I have my own website is my name, they also have a business page if you search for get your name out there. And I also have a free Facebook group with over 1,500 women already. They’re looking to create business out of their passions and skills called business women on fire, your signature business quest, so they can, you know, whatever, whichever they will 0.1 to another, so they can find me easily.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (37:04):

Okay. Once again, thank you so much to our special guests Laura Hurubaru.

Laura Hurubaru (37:09):

You’re welcome Katrina. Thank you. Thank you for inviting me. Thank you for doing this for these people and you know, good luck guys. Well it is watching. Good luck and feel free to reach out. I’m always, you know, one advice away.

Katrina Sevilla – Pinoy Real (37:24):

All right. Thank you. You’re welcome.