Dave Ramsey’s 4 Tips for Successful Marriage And Belgian-Filipino Married Couple Reaction

Today’s episode, it’s in my heart to talk about Marriage and Dave Ramsey’s 4 Things that will wipe out the probability of divorce in your marriage. For those of you who do not know him, Dave Ramsey is a personal money-management expert. He runs a multi-million dollar company and continues to change lives through his message of hope. But what my husband & I like the most about his teachings is that he is never ashamed to declare on television that he is a follower of Christ. And that he believes in the power of marriage in family and business. 

My family and I are at the moment of celebrating our 5th year wedding anniversary in a wellness hotel. So, we are having a hotelcation weekend in this wonderful hotel in The Netherlands. This hotel was formerly a monastery and later turned into a beautiful hotel with great amenities like wellness, pool, gym, sports amenities(you can even play squash & basketball), and restaurants. I’m really excited to spend a weekend with my family in this place. Later on, I will give you a mini-tour around the hotel. Check out the video down below!

First off, I would like to talk about Marriage. What does marriage mean for us? For both of us, we believe that marriage is a blessing and a gift from God. It is a lifelong commitment and not just about feelings. In my opinion, Marriage is the best way to let everyone know about our love and commitment to each other through public declaration. I  still have vivid memories of the day we got married. It happened one cold day in January 2015. I remembered that day we had 3 different kinds of weather. First, it snowed, then it rained, and finally, the sun showed up. 

It was definitely one of the most beautiful days of our lives as a couple. For a lot of women including myself, getting married is a dream come true. As a Christian believer, I have always believed that there is this one special person that God destined for me. And once I was there at the altar with that person, all I could think about was, this is it! There’s no turning back! This is what I have been praying for so long and it’s finally coming to pass. Marriage means so much for both of us, especially as Believers.

So now, let’s go over to what Dave Ramsey was talking about four things that married couples should come in agreement with. According to Dave Ramsey, who is a financial and relationship expert as well, if these 4 things are settled, the probability of divorce can be totally wiped out. I am so interested to share these things with you guys. I believe that a successful marriage is a core foundation of building a legacy that you can proudly pass on to the next generation. I’m not just talking here about financial wealth but of course, the values and beliefs that we will pass on to our children and their kids. 

Let’s get begin!

Top 1 MONEY!

The number 1 people fight about in marriage or in relationships is money. “Find on agreement with money is everything because where you spend your money says what you think is important.” Dave was saying that you are never going to have a great relationship when one of you wants to spend on vacation, shopping, and eating out, while the other wants to save and live a simple life. So what Dave suggests is to sit together with your husband and wife and make a written plan on how you’re going to do the budgeting, getting out of bad debt, and building wealth together. 

Top 2 Be in agreement with kids!

How many kids to have, if we’re going to have them. And how we are going to treat them? Same as Dave Ramsey’s view, my husband and I have a traditional and conservative way of thinking in the child’s upbringing. So what means by this is that children are subjected to their parents. They do not run the house or your lives but the parents. The married couple’s job then is to be fully in charge of their kids’ lives while they are young. So that they grow up respectful and well-mannered human beings.

Top 3 How to deal with In-Laws?

“How are you going to deal with the crazy people in each other’s family?” Every family has crazy in it somewhere? It could be a mom or a dad in law. As a couple, it is important to set things in order when it comes to family relationships before any bad situation happens.  Sit down together, and discuss each other the good and bad points of your families to get a better understanding of them. 

Top 4 Being in Agreement on Religion!

Dave says, “It is very unusual for people to have long, high-quality, and happy relationships that have two different spiritual beliefs.” Like for example, one of you believes in God and the other one doesn’t. According to Dave, Beliefs change your value system which gives you your beliefs. And your beliefs, give you your attitudes. And those give you your actions. It is essential in a relationship to be in one on religion because when you’re in harmony, you are not in conflict. You are together in decision making and stuff like that.

So that’s it! My husband & I do believe in these 4 things that every married couple should come in agreement. (#1 Money, #2 Be in Agreement with Kids, #3 How to deal with In-Laws, and #4 Being in Agreement on Religion!) The best even is to put these things in order prior to or before your marriage. 

And lastly, one final marriage tip that every married couple can do and benefit from. That is to give you and your family a break or a treat. What it means is that, bring your family away from the busyness of life. Go on a mini-vacation or day trip. Spend time together, without having to spend so much cash. Creating wonderful memories and experiences make good values that create a strong and happy family. 

I hope you get inspired to keep your marriage stronger by this information. Please let me know how you find Dave Ramsey’s 4 Marriage Tips in the comment section below.

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