Disruptive Technology: How to Embrace Technology and the Future?

We live in a world where new technology is being invented and created on a daily basis. If we think we know what we need and how we need it, we often get surprised and feel outdated. Technology is an ever-changing field, and we need to embrace it and learn to use it to our benefit. How do we do that? By staying up-to-date with technology and not being afraid of it. Let’s talk about what disruptive technology is and how to embrace it and the future.

What is Disruptive Technology?

“Disruptive technology is one that displaces an established technology and shakes up the industry or a ground-breaking product that creates a completely new industry.

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Disruptive Technology: How to Embrace Technology and the Future? | LIVE on Pinoy Real

How to Positively Embrace Technology and Future To Fuel Your Success?

Everyone knows the importance of being updated with the latest trends but other people think that it’s struggling to learn any new technologies. You need to give time for research and explore the things that you are going to learn because technology is constantly evolving. We need to embrace it as a mode to increase our productivity, efficiency, and communication.

  1. Talk About It – The #1 thing that I see on how to positively embrace technology in our lives w/ the intention to fuel our success, is really to talk about it. That’s why we have this platform to encourage leaders/experts/professionals to share what they are doing with normal folks.
  2. Research About It – One you’ve learned or heard about a technology that sparks your mind. Research about it. Not just googling because it might as well just show up the popular or paid news which might not be necessarily accurate. But find people to follow who are already doing it well.
  3. Doing It – Embrace Technology and Future is by doing it. How did we all learn Facebooking? We just open an account with our email and started posting our high school pictures, sharing what we’re doing, etc. So what we all actually was just start playing around with the features until we got used to these features and becomes like part of our lives. So it’s really by doing things we learn.

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