Earnings Disclaimer


At Pinoy Real our mission is to help ordinary people find new ways to supplement their income or start a whole new career. Our courses and products are designed to give you the tools and know-how to find your best self and move towards financial security. Yet, like any other positive life change, the best indicator of your success with our programs is your own determination. (Buying a gym membership doesn’t help you lose weight, you have to follow through.)

Many of our products and promotions provide information about potential income you may earn. These representations are not intended to describe a certain outcome or even a typical outcome, but rather actual results from those who have had exceptional success. Some of these students have relevant prior experience or other advantages that helped them make the most of our course. Pinoy Real offers no guarantee or warranty that you will realize the amount of income or revenue referenced in the promotions or the courses themselves. Pinoy Real generally provides message boards and forums where students can share their successes, but does not actively conduct research as to what is the typical outcome for individual offerings.

Pinoy Real does not offer legal, accounting or other professional advice. As you start and grow your business, you should consult qualified professionals in your area to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

If you have any questions before purchasing a Pinoy Real’s course or product, please contact us.