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This content is specially created for individuals like housewives, work-at-home moms, mompreneurs, or even young people in their early 20s who are looking for basic or practical yet effective ways to be more productive in terms of time and resources, which leads you to earn more.

You can earn more with your time and money.

Now, how many of you have heard that to be productive and earn more you need to start building these habits?

  • You have to wake up early at 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning.
  • You have to meditate at least 1 hour a day.
  • You have to read and finish 3-5 books every month.

By the way, these are great personal habits that we can adopt in our daily lives. But the problem is that these are not always practical, especially to those people who have babies or toddlers like me. Being a housewife alone is already a full-time job. What more if you work whether at home or in the working place. 

That’s why I came up with these basic and practical yet effective habits for moms, parents, and even students because productivity is very important for me and my family. I started learning these things just a year ago but my husband has been doing these for quite a while now. And he got me on board. So, we are working now as a team which is way much better.

Let’s begin!

Effective Habits To Help Us Be PRODUCTIVE and EARN MORE | Filipino Mom | Pinoy Real

First: Focus on improving your natural strengths and interests!

This one is very much important because, for me, this is where you’re going to put a lot of your time in a day. And, if that time accumulates over a week or a month. That’s a lot of time investment. What I mean by, focus on improving your natural strengths and interests is that. It is much better to be exceptionally good at one specific thing than being an average at a whole bunch of stuff. The reason behind this is that being very good at one thing requires a much higher demand and income. 

Every one of us has his/her own natural gift and talent. So we need to figure out, what is it that you enjoy doing and what are you good at? And, most importantly how you can turn that into a marketable skill.

For example, I love cooking and eating. But I will never become a top chef. Just because I don’t spend my time perfecting a menu. I cook and it tastes good and my family eats it. Maybe it doesn’t taste like my grandma’s cooking but it’s okay. 

I am personally inclined to improve myself because there are a lot of things that need to be done in my life. That’s why I started Pinoy Real because I want to share my own journey of personal development as well as other inspiring stories. And recently, I’m starting to increase my knowledge of investments. 

How do we develop our strengths? Every single day, we have to consciously teach ourselves and put an effort into increasing our understanding of those skills, even if we have to learn on our own. If you’re a housewife, do your research, read and practice daily using your computer or smartphone to get that habit running.

Second: We have to practice the habit of saying NO.

This habit is not the easiest to learn because we were taught from the beginning that said “Yes” is being polite and you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. The truth is that people respect you for having the ability to say “No” to them. Because it demonstrates that you are confident and you know your worth and that your time is valuable.

It took me a long time to learn to say No. I remember when I was still doing makeup gigs in Manila. And I was also working in the BPO industry at the same time back then. Whenever I receive an invitation to do a makeup job, I always say yes even if it was an X-deal and it means I will never get asleep in the morning as I still work in the evening. 

At that time I was always saying Yes to the point that I was no longer respecting my own time. When I decided I cannot always say Yes and I have to say No, I started feeling happier and more confident. Most importantly, I can shift my focus on doing my priorities.  

Third: Understand that our time is our money. 

If we really want to earn more, we need to treat time as money. Think about it, we all have 24 hours in a day. For example 8 hours of that, I spent sleeping. By the way, it’s no longer 8 hours of straight sleep once you have a baby or a toddler. So I’m left with 16 hours. Let’s say, I spent 3 hours preparing breakfast and dinner, as well as putting my child in the nursery. Plus 5 hours spent in my working place. And 2 hours of a commute from home to work, vice versa. Normally, I use this time when commuting to read a book or listen to an audiobook. Finally, I’m left with 6 hours which I use to improve the natural strengths I mentioned earlier. And doing some online activities that can earn me more money. 

When I realized that time is money, I don’t spend time anymore playing online games on Facebook or watching online dramas that will never give me the ability to earn extra money. 

Fourth: Make a to-do list the night before

Making a to-do list is definitely one of the effective habits of successful individuals. When making a to-do list, make sure that we use the SMART way. I actually made a separate video about how to create goals including a to-do list. Check out the link to the video on the description box or at the end of this video. Make yourself accountable when creating your to-do list. 

Just a heads up, SMART stands for:






When we follow the SMART way and prepare our to-do list ahead of time, we see ourselves productive the whole day. Once we achieve one goal, and then the next goal, it becomes addictive and we realize that we get all things done. The sooner we get things done, the more time we’ll have to do other things!

Fifth: Do the budget!

Now, we have that connotation in the Philippines, that if your budget, you’re poor or you don’t have enough money. Well, all I can say about that is, who cares what other people say. This is your own personal financial strategy. It’s a known fact that even millionaires and businesses budget their income. They want to make sure that they are able to track down every single cent that comes in and out from their accounts. This is most especially true in the family. If you want your household income to earn more, better start tracking your expenses. 

The whole point of budgeting for me is really to make sure that we optimize our savings, and that we actually have enough money left over so that we can invest more. And let that investment multiply on its own. 

This is I believe the most important habit from all of these lists that we can apply right now in order to be productive and earn more.

Sixth: Do it Long-term!

Do not expect immediate results! We’re not here into quick-fix or get-rich-quick schemes!  We need to do all these habits long-term so that we can see the long-term benefits from doing the work now. 

So how do we do it long-term?

The simplest way to do it is to focus every single day on our end-game. It may sound so easy but it’s not. That’s why we need to do this long-term. What do I mean by focusing on our end game? It means that we need to make it very clear what we want exactly. What do you really want to achieve? If we don’t know what we want, it’s like we’re running in the bush. There is no action plan. 

So when you wake up in the morning, spend time being clear on what you want to achieve and why you’re doing what you’re doing. And then repeat the habits that were previously mentioned so that they become part of our lives. That’s why we need to practice these daily habits in repetition. Repetition is always the key. 

So these are the Effective Habits To Be Productive and Earn More Money! These habits are very practical, that’s why I’m practicing them. And I’m highly recommending them most especially to housewives, working moms, young people, and even students. 

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