How a Filipino Entertainer in Japan became Multi-Entrepreneur | An Interview with Mari Nihei

Mari Nihei is a Filipino-born based in Tokyo, Japan. She is the owner of multiple businesses including the Yanagawa Restaurant and Mari’s Beauty & Wellness. But in the past, Mari was a Filipina entertainer in Japan. In this interview, Mari Nihei tells us about how she transitioned from being a talented entertainer in Japan to running her business. She reveals some of her entrepreneurial secrets, the challenges, and the lessons she faced and learned along the way.

Who is Marie Nihei?

Mari Nihei is originally from Nueva Ecija, Philippines. She lives in Tokyo, Japan for 40 years now. She’s the Owner of Yanagawa Restaurant & Mari‘s Beauty & Wellness. She also is the Chairperson of the Japan Nueva Ecija Foundation, a Board of Director of the Phillippine Chamber of Commerce Trade Industry, English Teacher, Zumba Instructor, Founder of Japan Association of Novo Ecijanos, Founder of Teatro Kanto Org., Founder of PSRCI Running Club, Founder of PINOY Golfer association in Japan. Mari is an Artist, Model, and Commentator in Japan International Ambassador of Goodwill.

Watch Mari Nihei Full Story from Japan Entertainer to Entrepreneur

How a Filipino Entertainer in Japan became Multi-Entrepreneur? | Mari Nihei Interview | Pinoy Real

Mari Nihei Interview Summary on Pinoy Real:

05:02 – Mari Nihei talks about her family background.
05:20 – She shares her life in her childhood days.
09:47 – How she found an opportunity to go to Japan.
15:43 – How she became an entrepreneur in Japan.
22:09 – Mari shares the challenges she went through being a Filipino entrepreneur in Japan.
30:24 – Top skills she recommends to thrive as a Filipino entrepreneur living abroad.
35:25 – What are Mari Nihei’s tips to WIN in life?
44:01 – Mari Nihei’s favorite hobbies in Japan.
48:36 – Mari’s favorite book and why.

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