How Poor Filipino Children got saved from Poverty and Prostitution by American Missionary Couple | An Interview with Alex Kuhlow

What is Threads of Hope, a non-profit organization?

Threads of Hope, a non -profit organization aid to generate a greater future for Filipino families. In the Philippines, many are in poverty life. Children who live in poverty are forced to stop studying and help their family provide food and their needs. Many parents are forced to travel and find work abroad, which leaves kids alone and especially in danger of abuse, ongoing the cycle of neediness.

Every product you buy in Threads of Hope helps Filipino people. You contribute dignified labor for families so they can cling together, avoid the danger of abuse and seek education to create a new pathway for their lives.

Watch the full interview with Alex Kuhlow, Founder of Threads of Hope!

How Poor Filipino Children Are Saved from Poverty and Prostitution by American Missionary Couple

How Alex & Chris Kuhlows, American missionaries started the Threads of Hope ministry out of small compassion?

Alex Kuhlow, founder of Threads of Hope, Inc., and his wife, Chris, have been missionaries in the Philippines. They started their journey in Puerto Galera, Mindoro.

They got to know Alona, one of the beach sellers, who made and sold bracelets on the beaches to the visitors. During one of their visit, they learned that Alona’s friend, who was also a vendor couldn’t sell enough bracelets to support her family so she ended up prostitution to help her family.

How does Threads of Hope save many Filipino children from prostitution and poverty?

Alex prayed to God for guidance on how to help. Alex saw that people’s need is to have a job. He decided to purchase $100 worth of bracelets from Alona. He belatedly understands that $100 is enough for Alona’s need for the entire month.

God blessed Alex act of kindness in a vast way. When Alex and Chris took those bracelets back to their fellow traveler, they were encouraged to retail them for earnings. Alex begot the whole amount from those sales back to Alona and said “Can you please make me $1000 worth of bracelets?”

Now Alona needs her friends and relatives to help her fill up the order. Each of them now had sufficient work. Through devotion and Lord’s direction, Alex and Chris pursue this routine. They would order bracelets from the dealers and sell them when they go back to the states.

How to get involved in a fundraising opportunity with Threads of Hope?

Threads of Hope helps you to earn money for your cause while providing aspiration and dignity and nobleness for poor families.

Their idea is simple. They deliver you the products, you will only pay a small amount of shipping fee. Half of the money you accumulate as you sell goes to your Charity. The other half is returned to Threads of Hope for assisting the incomes of the families and society promoting each piece.

For more details about how to participate in their ministry, visit the Threads of Hope website.

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