How to celebrate easter egg hunt at home during a lockdown? This is what the Belgian – Filipino family did!

Easter Egg Hunt is a yearly fun activity especially for families with children. But how to make it special at the same time entertaining during this lockdown period? As a parent, I understand how frustrating it is to make it exceptional when you have already kids who are used to the tradition, or it just your first time organizing it for your baby like myself. The truth is, it is difficult to break any Easter Egg practices. We as parents normally love to join our kids in a fun activity where they can meet other children to make friends with.

We celebrated our Easter Egg Hunt with our one-year-old boy at our home garden. As usual, we run the classic Easter Egg hunting which is so much enjoyable even for both my husband & I. What we did, was simply hid all the little chocolate eggs around the garden. Then, we set up a blanket in the middle of the garden with all the rest of the bunny and egg chocolates, including the colored artworks that our young toddler and I made together. To start the game, play happy music while your kid is enjoying collecting his egg chocolates in the basket.

Our one-year-old toddler is not yet allowed to eat chocolates. So afterwards, I took the basket full of chocolates and used to make a super delicious moist chocolate for my husband & I to devour. In return, we gave our boy some fruit iced lollies to enjoy in the afternoon.

There hundreds of ways to make a memorable and fun Easter Egg during the lockdown period. It only takes a bit of creativity and loads of positivity for your kids to realize that although we are in a crisis, nothing can stop a family in making this tradition happen whatever the circumstances are.

How To Celebrate Easter Egg Hunt At Home During A Lockdown? | Half Filipino-Belgian | Pinoy Real