How To Do An Everyday Quick MAKE-UP Under 10 Minutes for Busy Moms?

If you are a busy Mom, you’re probably wondering How To An Do Everyday Quick MAKE-UP Under 10 Minutes?

Today’s topic is a little different from the usual. Because in this blog, I’m going to show you how to do an everyday and quick makeup under 10 minutes. This is made especially for all busy moms and productive ladies out there. If you’re struggling to put on your makeup under time-pressure, keep on reading.

Everyday Makeup Under 10 Minutes For BUSY MOMS |
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So before I was not a mom yet, I could easily spend 40 minutes just doing my make-up alone. But once I got my first child, things just changed suddenly. Not only do I have to do my makeup really quickly yet beautifully, but I also have to help my son and husband on what they have to wear. Particularly, when you have to go out with the family. 

Personal Grooming is Personal Development

Now, personal grooming is a very essential part of personal improvement. Let me tell you why. Improving one’s outer and inner self actually brings about many positive changes in life. It enhances your personality. So you become more confident, comfortable, and you see things more positively which in turn help you achieve your goals. 

So Let’s begin! This is not going to be the most perfect day-makeup as we don’t have so much time for that. However, I can guarantee you that this make-up is going to be decent and something that you will be proud of yourself once you step out of your house. 

Step 1: Prep Your Skin

First, I’m going to start off by prepping my skin really quickly. As you can see, I have so many imperfections on my skin but that’s okay since I’m going to cover them anyway with makeup. 

To prep your face, make sure that you wash it clean with your favorite facial cleanser. Then, pat it dry with a clean towel before applying any products. 

Next, apply a pea-sized amount of moisturizer on your face. There are different kinds of moisturizers. There are face mists, serums, lotions, creams and oils. For me, I love to use Artistry Youth Extend Serum Concentrate.

Step 2: Apply the Foundation

Let’s move on to foundation. When it comes to foundation, it is important to choose the right shade for your skin. Applying the foundation can be done using your fingertips, sponges, or brushes. If you prefer a light coverage, then you can use your fingertips. Just make sure they are clean. But if you want a full coverage, use an applicator brush or a beauty blender. 

Start from the center of your face and blend the liquid foundation outwards.

Step 3: Concealer is Optional(for this makeup look)

The next one is concealer. Concealers are used to cover dark spots, pimples, and other facial blemishes. Now this product is optional for this particular makeup.

Step 4: Set the Foundation with a Powder

Now that you have your foundation well-blended, it’s time to set the foundation with a powder. Using a large, fluffy powder brush, begin by dusting a light coat of powder all over your face. I usually use the powder version and then followed by the compact one.

Step 5: Do the Eyebrows

Let’s move on to the eyebrow department. I’m one of the many who are not gifted with natural bushy eyebrows. So what I love to use is an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow gel. If you choose for the gel type, then you will have to use an eyebrow brush applicator. 

Step 6: A touch of Eyeshadow

Next, let’s put a bit of a shadow on the eyes. I’m going to use natural brown shades in matte for a natural look.

Step 7: A stroke of Eyeliner

Now that we’re done with the eyebrow and eyeshadow, let’s do the eyeliner! You can use a liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, gel or cream eyeliner. If you don’t have any of those, then use an eyeshadow as an eyeliner. But for this makeup, I choose for liquid and pencil eyeliners. 

Step 8: Wear your Mascara

Let’s make our eyes look brighter and a little bit bigger. And we can achieve that by using mascara. When applying a mascara, make sure that you curl your eyelashes first before applying the product.

Step 9: A hint of Contour and Highlighter(optional)

So we’re almost finished with the makeup look. Since we still have a little bit of time left. Let’s use that for applying the contour and the highlight. Now this step is optional for this particular look.

Step 10: A few swipes of Blush

Now we can move on to the blusher. We just need a few swipes of blush to look lovelier. The less product you apply, the better it is.

Step 11: Finish up with a Lip Liner and a Gloss

Finally, let’s do the lip department. First make sure that your lips are hydrated using a quality lip moisturizer. You can do this part while prepping your face so you don’t lose time. Next, let’s apply the lipliner first at the cupid’s bow(top center of lips) and work it out towards the outside. Fill in your lips with the product to create a base. Once you’re done, finish the full makeup look with a nice tint of lip gloss. Apply it on the middle bottom of your lips and then rub your lips together.

And, this is how I do a quick yet beautiful makeup in under 10 minutes. If you find this information helpful, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to Pinoy Real for more personal development videos.