How to Earn from Home and Make Money as a Mom: Online Digital Marketing, Affiliate, Networking | An Interview with Lorena Villamizar

The 9 to 5 job is just a source of income, it doesn’t mean that it is your only source of income. There are many ways to make money, even if you have a full-time job. You might have the best-paying job at the moment but it is still guaranteed that in just a few years you will probably find yourself at a dead end. You may have a better-paying job but it is also possible that you will be laid off sooner or later. This is why it is truly worth your time to consider other sources of income. This is exactly the reason why you need have to have a plan B or C.

Pinoy Real interviewed Lorena Villamizar. Lorena is originally from Colombia and now based in Canada since 2007. She is an Engineer and Digital Marketing Entrepreneur helping professionals to open a second income stream using an online system. She’s also a mother of 4 beautiful kids.

📚 Lorena Villamizar's Favorite Book
The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Watch The Full Interview With Lorena Villamizar, A Business Consultant, Mentor, and Mother of 4.

How to Earn from Home and Make Money as a Mom: Online Digital Marketing, Affiliate, Networking

How did this mom from Latin America, now living in Canada start owning her life?

In spite of all the obstacles that she had as a Columbian immigrant in Canada, she managed to finish a business degree at the University of Alberta and an MBA at the University of Fredericton. Lorena confessed in the interview that she didn’t know English when she and her husband first came to Canada.

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Interview Summary On Pinoy Real:

03:15 – Lorena shares her life. Where is she originally from and where she is currently based.
11:20 – Why it is very important to have an extra or side income along with the traditional income which comes from employment?
14:45 – Top 3 Skills Lorena recommends to those who want to start learning to earn an extra income for the first time?
18:27 – Lorena Villamizar shares how she manages her time?
24:58 – Top online or offline tools that have helped her become more efficient at her business?
29:10 – Why should you consider making another source(s) of income?
32:26 – An inspiring book that has changed her life and business.

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