How To Love Yourself and Find Happiness: A hate-free, judgment-free LIVE Talk on how to love yourself to the core.

How do I love myself?

That’s the number one question we get asked. Self-love is an art that takes time for all of us to master, but the lessons that we learn along the way are invaluable. Whether you’re facing social pressures, doubt, self-judgment, or you’re simply having a bad day, it can feel impossible to love yourself when you’re in a funk. In this talk, Dara & Pinoy Real will share their strategies for finding love in the present moment, when you’re in a bad place. We’ll also talk about how the act of living your life with undivided attention, complete acceptance, undying gratitude, and limitless forgiveness is actually loving yourself.

Watch the LIVE video on How To Love Yourself to the Core.

Self-Love: How To Love Yourself & Find Happiness | LIVE on Pinoy Real

Why You Need To Practice Self-Love, and How Can You Do It?

All around us we can see that people are unhappy and self-centered. They do not pay enough attention to their own needs. This is surprising because everybody has the same needs. Everybody needs love, care, and attention. You should learn to love yourself in order to make your life happier and have more positive emotions. If you are happy you will attract positive things and people to yourself. You will make your life better and make the world a better place for you and for others. People who chose self-love over and over again are happier, healthier and they live better lives.

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