How to Save Money as a Filipino Breadwinner on a Low-Income Salary?

How to save money as a person who earns a low income? Struggling to make ends meet, but still want to teach your family members some financial values? In this video, we’ll go over some basic ideas that will help you save money, and give you a headstart in your financial journey.

Being a breadwinner often feels like an impossible task for many people, especially if you are earning a low income. But you can still make it as a breadwinner by following some basic principles. We bring to you an exclusive list of tips and strategies that will help you save money and make the most out of a low-income salary.

Watch this video for some useful money tips on how to save as a breadwinner!

How to SAVE MONEY as a Filipino Breadwinner on a Low-Income Salary | Pinoy Real

useful Money Tips on How To save As a Breadwinner

1. Target High-Interest Debt First.

2. Cut Down Your Biggest Expenses.

3. Take Advantage of 13th Month Pay, Christmas Bonus, & Other Rewards from your Employer.

4. Keep Your Budget Lean.

5. Start a Side Hustle.

6. Stop giving away your money!

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