How to SAVE MONEY as a Filipino Breadwinner on a Low Income Salary?

We all know that it is in our culture as Filipinos to help our families. Many of us are breadwinners who are extremely hardworking yet earning very little salaries. But you know what? The good news is that there’s always a solution to every problem. 

What if I tell you that you could still save money and invest while being a breadwinner on a lower income salary? Plus you have a chance to change your life and your family’s situation by not staying as a breadwinner. Find out how!

How to SAVE MONEY as a Filipino Breadwinner on a Low Income Salary | Pinoy Real

How to Save and Invest Money as a Breadwinner?

1. Target High-Interest Debt First

2. Cut Down Your Biggest Expenses

3. Take Advantage of 13th Month Pay, Christmas Bonus, & Other Rewards from your Employer

4. Keep Your Budget Lean

5. Start a Side Hustle

6. Stop giving away your money!

Katrina S. (58)

Katrina is passionate about bringing the best out of your entrepreneurial story. She is a Filipino born mompreneur, now living in Belgium. She is committed to helping her clients to share their inspiring journeys as an entrepreneur.

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