How to Transform Yourself? | Personal Growth and Development

Are you that person who wants to achieve something worthwhile? Do you want to change the course of your life? If you think your life is boring and nothing extraordinary is happening, then you definitely need a transformation. 

How to Transform Yourself to Personal Growth and Development | Pinoy Real

My Journey To Personal Growth Transformation

I remember a couple of years ago, I was exactly in the same situation. Personal development wasn’t a new thing for me anymore. I heard about it from my church leaders in The Philippines and from networking companies I got invited to by my colleagues. My huge problem at that time was, I was not being intentional about my pursuit to self-improvement. I was very passive towards changing the way I think and act, until I met this special person who changed the path of my life. God can use different people and connections, but in my life, He chose my husband. 

To make the long story short, my transformation didn’t just happen overnight. It took years until I finally put the things I learned into actions. That’s why I highly value the power of marriage and being married with the right person that God placed in my life. When you’re married, you see all the good and bad sides of your partner whether it’s his/her personality or habits which is part of the process in a relationship. 

My First Step To Transformation

One thing I first learned about my husband was that he is highly disciplined in his time management and organizational skills. So what I did was I would listen to his cd’s & downloaded podcasts of high-achieving individuals like Lou Holtz, Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, etc. I tried to do that as regularly as possible. Just like I said earlier, the transformation didn’t happen right away but my thinking was already changing. And, everything starts with what we feed our minds with on a daily basis. 

In this video, I would like to encourage your pursuit of personal growth and development and how to gradually transform yourself. I know that each and everyone of us is different in every way. We do not have the same situations and journeys in life. But we all want and strive to have a better relationship, successful career or business, and happy family. That’s why personal development and transformation are worth striving for.

What is Personal Growth according to Brian Tracy?

First, let’s define what Personal Growth means. According to Brian Tracy, Personal growth is improving your awareness and developing your ideal identity. It also defines, maximizing your talents and potential. And making the necessary changes to help you achieve your most important goals. Finally, he defines personal growth as living a life that is as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.

So here, I’m going to lay out 4 strategies on how to fuel your Personal Growth and Development journey:

How to Fuel your Personal Growth and Development?

1. Step out of your comfort zone!

Most of the time, personal growth happens when we try new things. We can only grow when we challenge ourselves. For some, it could probably mean traveling to a place that you have never been before. Or maybe learning a new hobby. Or venturing into a business opportunity. So the most important thing is having the courage to do something that you have never done before.

2. Draw inspiration from others.

As a new learner of this personal development journey, one thing that I highly value is realizing how much important it is to learn from others. Whether it is my colleague at work, family members, and high-achieving individuals, I need to acknowledge that there is something very important I can learn from them. The most important part of this process is that you learn to check who are the people in your circle that give you a positive influence. And that’s where you will draw your inspirations from. 

3. Find ways to continue learning.

Continuous learning is a fundamental part of personal growth. It is impossible to achieve anything in life without learning. In our generation, things change in a blink of an eye. Technology is rapidly changing. Business transactions are done in just a few clicks or a swipe. There is a need to catch up. The good news though in learning new knowledge and information is that we can all freely learn regardless of our age, anytime we want. Using your smartphone or computer, learn new skills on the internet. Read personal growth books. 

4. Schedule a time for self-improvement. 

Nothing is more effective than writing your goals on a paper. It can be so easy to get caught in daily activities. So to make sure that you set aside a time to focus on your self improvement, get yourself a planner and intentionally write down a 30-minute time for self improvement. It could be reading an inspiring book by Brian Tracy or Zig Ziglar. Or it could be spending coffee time with a friend who is running a successful business for mentorship. There are many ways to make this schedule a productive one.