LEARN TO EARN by Peter Lynch and John Rothchild | Book Summary

True to its subtitle. “Learn to Earn” is a beginner’s guide to the basics of investing and business. Split into four uneven chapters, the book features a 70-page long history of U.S. capitalism, a brief dissection of the evolution of a company, a survey of the corporate leaders of America and – perhaps most indespensably – an introduction to the fundamentals of investing.

LEARN TO EARN by Peter Lynch & John Rothchild | Book Summary | Pinoy Real

How to Invest: Savings Accounts, Collectibles, and Houses

  1. Savings accounts or similar
  2. Collectibles
  3. Houses or apartments

How to Invest: the pros and cons of Bonds and Stocks

  1. Bonds
  2. Stocks

Mutual Funds: their Nature and History

How to choose the right mutual fund?

  1. Buy funds directly from companies that manage them.
  2. Be wary of broker recommendations.
  3. Go for pure stock funds.
  4. Go through the records of past performance.
  5. Invest in veteran funds.
  6. Don’t switch between funds.
  7. Take the fees into account.

Picking a stock: The 5 Basic Methods

  1. Darts
  2. Hot tips
  3. Educated tips
  4. The broker’s buy list
  5. Doing your own research

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