Pag-Ibig Fund MP2 and Regular Savings Accounts | How To Save More Money As Filipinos?

Getting into the habit of saving money is hard for anyone, even harder when you are not used to it. Most people earn less when they start working or earn at the same rate throughout the year. That’s when Pag-ibig Fund MP2 can help. With Pag-Ibig Fund you can save anytime you want and you can save up to 13 times in a single month. This blog aims to teach you how you can use MP2 & Regular Savings to save more money.

Learn how to navigate the website of Pag-Ibig in order to view your membership record and apply for savings programs with dividends such as MP2 Savings.

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Pag-Ibig Fund MP2 & Regular Savings Accounts | How To Save More Money As Filipinos | Pinoy Real

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