Part 1: How to Start Vlogging? | My husband’s reaction to my idea!

I remember the first time I told my husband, I wanted to start vlogging. He sighed very deeply and I swear he gave me that kind of look that I’ve never seen before. Right there, I knew his answer was going to be a No. 

But then immediately, he looked at me and said, “If you have to vlog, what is it that will make our children and their children proud if they have to watch you on YouTube or search you on Google in the next 20 or 30 years from now?” That question struck me really hard!

So when my husband asked me what is it that I’d like to vlog, he was actually referring to a specific niche or category that I’m interested in. There are thousands of reasons why a person vlogs on YouTube. It could be that the person wants to document his life and his journey. There are some who love to cook or talk about politics. In short, there are so many niches that a vlogger can focus on. But the question is, what is it for me?

If I would have to start vlogging, it has to be something very close to my heart. It doesn’t have to perfect but it needs to be authentic. It should be rooted in my own life experiences. From that point on, I discovered what my heart & brain tell me to do. So let me just share with you my own story. Watch this!

Part 1: How To Start Vlogging? | My Husband’s Reaction To My Idea! | Pinoy Real