How to Change Your Life, Transform Your Health, and Thrive for Success?

Filipino Entrepreneurs
Filipino Entrepreneurs
How to Change Your Life, Transform Your Health, and Thrive for Success?

Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to have it all figured out? Why it’s so easy for them to achieve their goals and live a life that they love? In this interview, I chat with Gez Perez, a high-performance coach, and author who shares his story of transformation. Gez shares his story of transformation from a sedentary lifestyle to a lean, muscular physique. He also shares his journey from a corporate executive to a high-performance coach. Gez also shares his knowledge on self-belief, high-performance mindset, and how to create a high-performing team. You’ll come to learn that you don’t need to be a genius to succeed. All you need is a high-performance mindset and a method that you can follow to achieve incredible results.

🏃 In this episode of Pinoy Real, I interview Gez Perez, a Filipino-Australian author, high-performance coach, and motivational speaker. He has spoken in Australia and Internationally, impacting many people to thrive in their life, career, and business.

Episode Highlights and Topics

01:24 – Gez Perez on Pinoy Real!

01:50 – How Gez Perez started as a motivational speaker at the early age of 18.

05:05 – Gez shares his experience in real estate and Robert Kiyosaki’s, Rich Dad Poor Dad.

06:54 – What it’s actually like to experience a mild heart attack, its causes, and symptoms?

11:59 – How he got his body transformation?

13:20 – Gez shares about his Filipino mom who battled breast cancer in 2005 and is now cancer-free.

17:00 – Pinoy Real tests Gez Perez’ Filipino language, plus He teaches some Aussie slang words.

23:04 – Gez’s best strategies on achieving goals…

29:13 – How to overcome procrastination for aspiring and starter entrepreneurs? Don’t miss this!

33:38 – Gez answers LIVE questions of viewers on procrastination, lifestyle, goals.

38:37 – How to dismantle negative self-talk?

41:33 – Gez shares being a chef for his family during the Covid period. Plus, how he is able to use his time to spend with his family and be more productive.

43:40 – How to escape the ‘poverty mindset mentality’ to encourage our fellow Filipinos and Kababayans in The Philippines & abroad?

49:57 – Gez being listed 10 in the Top 20 Podcast of Australian Inspirational Podcasts.

52:06 – Gez’s secret sauce to thrive in health and life. “Health is your Wealth!”

54:25 – Talking about his favorite books of all time?

55:45 – Follow Gez Perez on all his social media platforms & website!

In Summary

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If you want to change your life, transform your health and thrive for success, this interview with Gez Perez put you into the right direction. To summarize, you should focus on living a purpose driven life. Achieving your goals and asking the right questions in life. Gez Perez went over his five-step plan to change your life. Step 1: why do you want to do it, and where do you want to go? Step 2: what are your internal beliefs? Step 3: write out your goals. Step 4: make a deadline date. Step 5: visualize your goals and take action.

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