What Is Aging And Oxidative Stress?

Filipino Entrepreneurs
Filipino Entrepreneurs
What Is Aging And Oxidative Stress?

You’ve probably heard the word “aging” in passing and assumed it was just a word for getting older and not something that can actually be slowed down. As it turns out this isn’t the case. There are things you can do to slow down aging because aging isn’t just about getting older it’s the physical deterioration of cells in your body. Why does your body age? Is aging a natural process? What can you do to live a longer life? Is there any way to reverse the process of aging? All these answers, and more, will be given by this blog.

Aging is a natural process of all living things, but at the same time, it can be deadly. Oxidative stress is a process that causes aging, the good news is that it can be slowed down. As you age, the body undergoes physiological changes that are associated with aging. These changes may not cause any noticeable issues for you. However, if you are suffering from the signs of aging, it may be time to look into treatments or lifestyle changes. This blog will look at the different theories of aging.

In this episode, Dara Plan & I chatted with Dr. James Boado, an Aesthetic Dermatologist in The Philippines. He is the President and Managing Medical Director at Renewage Skin and Body Age Renewal. He’s also a Board of Member and the Chairman for Continuing Medical Education-Internation of paaammi.org.

Episode Highlights and Topics

01:00 – Dara welcomes Dr. James Boado

04:00 – A quick video of our special guest, Dr. James Boado

05:24 – Dr. James list down things that he will discuss during the episode: What is Aging and Oxidative Stress?, How do we Age?, Tips to combat Aging?

06:45 – What is Aging as discussed by Dr. James Boado? We are aging without knowing it.

07:50 – What is Anti-aging and its process as explained by Dr. James? The Chronological sequencing of the process of getting senescence.

09:16 – “We can actually prolong the stage of not going through senescence.”

10:50 – What happens exactly inside our bodies during the process of aging?

11:50 – Genetics plays a role in aging… What are Telomeres?

12:40 – Non-Genetic Theory, the “Wear and Tear”…

13:30 – What is the Cross-Linking Theory of Aging as discussed by Dr. James Boado?

14:51 – The Auto-Immune Theory of Aging explained …

17:00 – What exactly is Glycation in Aging?

18:08 – What is the Oxidative Damage or Stress Theory? What are free radicals? What is apoptosis?

19:30 – How do we get exposed to oxidative stress? Ionic Radiation is everywhere, (smartphones, microwaves, hair blowers, x-rays, ultrasound, etc..)

22:23 – What is the Mitochondrial Theory of Aging? Mitochondria is the power-house of the cell as highlighted by Dr. James Boado.

24:19 – Dr. James Boado answers the viewer’s question about Biological Age and Chronological Age… What are the ways to measure Aging?

26:40 – Dr. James Boado answers the viewer’s question on fighting Aging?

27:09 – Exercising and taking care of your skin to fight Aging…

28:30 – How to source out Vitamin D which is good for our bones and health without overexposing under the sun?

30:40 – The power of hydration to fighting Aging?

31:08 – Exercise is highly beneficial to make your heart and body younger. 2 to 5 hours a week of exercise as per advised by the Department of Health(DOH)…

32:20 – Diet plays a very important role in Aging. “Nothing new about food/diet”.

35:20 – Try to avoid processed foods when it comes to fighting Aging…

35:55 – Opt for happy thoughts and spend more time with your loved ones…

37:40 – Enjoy the things you love the most…”If you are sedentary then you will have a lot of aging coming in..”

39:13 – “You have to quit smoking and alcohol if you want to age gracefully,” says Dr. James Boado.

42:15 – Dara used to drink red wine a lot…”Filipino culture is youth-obsessed.”

45:50 – How to determine age by wrinkles in a normal situation?

47:30 – Get in touch with Dr. James Boado at…

48:30 – What is botulinum toxin or popularly known as ‘Botox’?

51:10 – How long does Botulinum toxin last?

53:35 – How young can a person receives Botulinum toxin?

55:15 – What are fillers for in aesthetic derma?

1:00 – Dr. James Boado advised to only go to certified practitioners…

In Summary

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Aging is a natural process, and it is impossible to stop it. Still, we can slow down the aging process and the best and natural way to do this is to eat healthy, exercise and stay in shape, take good care of your skin, and get healthy antioxidant supplements. We hope that you found the blog post about what aging and oxidative stress are and some tips on how to slow down the aging process very helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime in our exclusive online community. We will be happy to help and connect!

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