South Tyrol 2020 Vacation | Why You Should Visit Italian Alps?

What makes South Tyrol, Italy a perfect destination to find relaxation, adventure, and experience?

SOUTH TYROL, ITALY 2020 Vacation | Why You Should Visit Italian Alps | Pinoy Real

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Why you should go for a vacation in South Tyrol?

Rest and relaxation are great because they keep us healthy. For my family and I, we make sure that we have enough time to spend together in a beautiful place where we can grow and better ourselves. For us, going on a vacation is not just an escape from our hectic schedules but as an opportunity for new adventure and experiences.

This article is about our summer vacation 2020 in South Tyrol, Italy. South Tyrol is a stunning autonomous province in northern Italy. They speak 3 languages namely, German, Italian, and Ladin. It’s capital and largest city is Bolzano.

What’s amazing about South Tyrol is that it’s entirely located in the Alps. So as you drive around the region, you will notice almost the same looking mountain ranges that you see in Swiss and French Alps. Again, that is because they are all part of the same system. 

Sand in Taufers or Campo Tures, a beautiful village in South Tyrol

We stayed in a commune called Sand in Taufers or Campo Tures which is a beautiful village and has good access to shops, restaurants, and almost every possible activity you can think of. It is located in Tauferer Ahrntal valley along the Ahr river. Tyrol is known for its abundant natural water springs which are known for its healing properties. All tap-water you find in the squares and playgrounds in this region comes from natural and gushing wells from the mountains. They are clean, healthy, and free! 

South Tyrol is an ultimate destination for Spa and Wellness.

Many hotels and resorts in South Tyrol are designed for families, and huge groups. If you are into spa, wellness, and relaxation South Tyrol is a great choice. There are countless resorts here that offer top-notch spa and wellness facilities for families or adults-only.

Aside from the relaxation, my next favorite thing in this vacation is exploring the South Tyrol cuisine. Don’t miss the tyrolean cheese, specks, knodel, dumplings, and of course apple strudel for dessert. A lot of hotels in South Tyrol give you an option to choose for half board or all-inclusive so you don’t need to worry about driving to the other village just to eat your breakfast or dinner.

South Tyrol as a destination for adventure and experience

Next, what makes South Tyrol a perfect summer destination for adventure and experience? 

When we went there last July, I was 3-month pregnant with our 2nd child. Surprisingly, we did a lot of explorations than expected despite being pregnant plus having an active toddler with us. 

We hiked every single day during the whole duration of our stay in Sand in Taufers. There are plenty of hiking trails so there is no room for boredom. My family & I love to walk and hike because it’s our best time to brainstorm ideas. And we all know that when we are active, that’s where the happy hormones kick in which promotes creativity. 

We visited Taufers Castle, a grand medieval castle on a hill. Enjoy the background of high mountains and valleys as you step closer to the medieval fortress.

Hike the Speikboden!

Another adventure that you can do is to hike Speikboden. Hiking Speikboden is like no other. There are diverse landscapes with breathtaking sceneries from as far as your eyes can see. To reach the starting point of Speikboden, you will need to take a gondola and ski lifts. After a long hike, we spent a couple of hours at the Family Park Klausberg. There you can take a break and grab some food to eat in the cafeteria. There are varieties of things to do here for kids. My son really had so much fun playing and walking around.

South Tyrol is also a place to be for paragliders. We had the opportunity to learn basics and witness paragliders jump off the high hills, courtesy of my father in law. He loves extreme sports from paragliding to scuba diving. 

Something also that you should never miss in South Tyrol is visiting a local farm where they make local cheese, sausage, specks, and even Austrian pancakes or Kaiserschmarrn. 

South Tyrol is a paradise for those who are looking for relaxation, adventure, and new experiences. This is one of the best holidays I had with my family, from witnessing the Italian summer slopes, blue lakes, alpine cows, gushing waterfalls, and contemplating how beautiful life is when we spend our time with the right company. 

If you’ve been to South Tyrol, what’s your favorite place to visit and things to do? If you haven’t been there yet, would you consider spending a holiday and experiencing its beauty? Please comment down below. I would love to hear your feedback about this subject.

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