Successful Filipino-American Flight Attendant and Author Inspires Filipino Immigrants | An Interview with Lia Ocampo

The Philippines is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, with a population of more than 100 million people. But despite its high population, the Philippines has one of the highest rates of emigration in the world. More than a million Filipinos leave their home country every year and migrate to other countries, mostly for economic reasons. In this article, Lia Ocampo shares her real-life experience of how she achieved the American Dream in New York and Florida as a Filipino immigrant.

We Filipinos are a very hardworking and very ambitious race. We really love our country but sometimes we are forced to leave it because of a lack of opportunities. In the Philippines, we are ranked as one of the lowest in terms of salaries and one of the highest in terms of population. Because of the abundance of people, jobs are scarce and so is the demand for them. It’s a vicious cycle of poverty. Filipinos go abroad to find jobs that pay well and even to support their family in the Philippines. The low supply of jobs, lack of education, and the high population of the Philippines are the main reasons why Filipinos leave.

Pinoy Real interviewed Lia Ocampo. Lia is born and raised in the Philippines. She spent 22 years working for the U.S. Government in different capacities. In July 2012, she came to New York City as an immigrant. Just one year later, Lia continued to strive for success in her professional life as she achieved her goal of becoming a Flight Attendant. Lia is now an author of two books, a mentor, & a resource speaker for immigrants. She splits her time between Florida and New York, where she remains dedicated to her writing, love of travel & passion for helping people.

đź“š Lia Ocampo's Favorite Book
Og Mandino's University of Success

Watch the Full Interview with Lia Ocampo, an Inspirational Author, Life Mentor, and Passionate Flight Attendant

Filipino American Flight Attendant, Author, and Mentor Inspires Filipino Immigrants with Her Life

What is Lia Ocampo’s inspiring Filipino story?

Lia arrived in the “Big Apple” or New York City in July 2012, with her things packed up. She left the Philippines behind and migrated to the US. Lia spent 18 years working for the US Embassy with a chance to bring over her children.

People often wanted to know why she chose New York. She was going to work for the United Nations, but that was not in her destiny. One disappointing setback always meant that she fought even harder next time, and she took setbacks as a blessing and never accepted a defeat.

Many times, no matter how hard we try to make something happen, it doesn’t. Sometimes this could be because of external factors like politics or other circumstantial things beyond our control. This can be very difficult and we should accept defeat once in a while to regain our energy and analyze the situation but don’t worry there’s always a silver lining! Failure can be your best friend if you analyze why something failed and use that as motivation! This is exactly how Lia took the challenge.

Lia Ocampo has an admirable vision that encompasses a number of different perspectives. It’s her goal to create a brilliant future, which she believes includes motivating others and creating stronger communities. Lia has always attempted to make positive change in the world through speaking out on important issues or volunteering where she can. She’s passionate about issues such as women’s rights and social duty, but her passions also include traveling, journalism, and photography. Lia is a flight attendant and also serves as a mentor with experience in many areas of interest including helping others achieve positive goals they’re striving toward.

Learn more about Lia Ocampo and her 2 self-published books, What We Know For Sure and I Love Flying on her website:

Lia Ocampo Interview Summary On Pinoy Real:

03:07 – Lia Ocampo’s story in a nutshell…
07:47 – Why she switched her career from the U.S. government to Flight Attendant..
11:00 – Lia shares her favorite part of her job as a Flight Attendant…
13:47 – Her most favorite places to visit…
17:28 – Lia Ocampo’s 2 newly published books on Amazon…
20:50 – What’s the biggest lesson she has learned in life from traveling around the world?
26:46 – Her favorite inspirational book…

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