The Elegant Ladies: 10 Fashion and Timeless Pieces You Must Own To Look Elegant

This blog will give you ideas on what to collect by not spending too much money to buy the things you want. Buying things like shirts, pants, shoes, and bags was a dream of every woman. We need also to be wise buyers. But a lot of people’s hobby is to collect designer pieces. These pieces won’t go away beyond trends. That’s why it’s important to choose the essentials you are going to use.

Before collecting Fashion and Timeless Pieces, here’s what you need to do

You can start from scratch by cleaning out your closet and sorting out things that you can use in the future. You can fit first your outfit to prepare for everyday use as well as for special occasions. Having dress rehearsal and looking at the mirror gives you ideas of what look is best for you.

To learn more about fashion & Timeless pieces, take Time to watch this live talk.

The Elegant Ladies: 10 Fashion & Timeless Pieces You Must Own To Look Elegant | Pinoy Real

Timeless fashion pieces every woman should own

  1. White or Black Trousers – You can match this in almost any top that you like.
  2. Flared Denim / Bootleg Cut – In any body type, this will hide body-shape problems especially the abdominal area.
  3. Shape wear – This helps you look good in any outfit. It helps you to have a good posture.
  4. White / Colored Blouse or the Boyfriend Tops – You can use this on casual days.
  5. Pencil Cut – You can pair this with any blouse.
  6. Black or White Blazer – You can pair this with any denims or skirt.
  7. Black dress – You can use this in any occasions.
  8. Caftan Dress – This is a ready to go dress.
  9. Scarf – You can use this as a body or handbag accessories.
  10. Sneakers – You need this when go out for walking.
  11. Pumps shoes – You can pair this with almost any outfit.
  12. Slip on Sandals -Perfect when you go walking like going to the grocery.
  13. Black or Tan Bag – You can put anything inside this bag.

But these days it’s not always practical to invest in expensive things and clothing to look good and fashionable. You can buy high-quality brands that are underrated even at a reasonable price like waiting to buy on sale in their shops or online stores. You can also get ideas from magazines, celebrities, or fashion shows for you to be able to decide what’s best for you.

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