THE THANK YOU ECONOMY by Gary Vaynerchuk | Book Summary

Have you enjoyed the product and then subscribed to the social media account of that company? What does that mean for the economy and the market? In “The Thank You Economy”, Gary Vaynerchuk explains why, in the age of social media, businesses have to be as they were before urbanization: courteous, considerate, and cultured.

THE THANK YOU ECONOMY | Gary Vaynerchuk | Book Summary | Pinoy Real

Who is it for?

Best suited for entrepreneurs, marketing strategists, social media analysts, people interested in mixed media marketing.

In “The Thank You Economy” you’ll learn:

  1. Why corporate managers find cost-effective methods, but ignore customer needs.
  2. How to increase conversion by interacting with your customers?
  3. How to use traditoinal advertising to grow your followers base on social media?

Author’s biography:

Gary Vaynerchuk is a Belarusian-American vine critic, author, and entrepreneur. he managed to grow the business he inherited from his father, a liquor store, from making million dollars a year to making 60 million dollars a year. Famous for founding startups, working on retail, marketing, and investing, he has a substantial social media following YouTube show.

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