Tips on How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus or COVID 19 by Dr. Roy Martina

Almost everyone knows now that new coronavirus or infamously known as COVID 19 has already taken thousands of lives from all parts of the world. This pandemic must be taken very seriously as this new virus has never been seen before by humanity.

In this topic, I’m going to discuss really quickly the important things that you need to know about COVID 19. For example, why does it spread so quickly, who are the most vulnerable and who is not, what are the normal symptoms, and most importantly how do we prepare against this virus or what to do if we experience one of the symptoms? 

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert on this matter. The information that I’m about to discuss with you is all based on Dr. Roy Martina’s knowledge and expertise. Dr. Roy Martina is a renowned holistic medical doctor with 40 years of experience. I will put the link on how you can get in touch with Dr. Roy. I believe he is giving away valuable tips on his website that can save lives during this COVID 19 crisis. 

First, let’s talk about the difference between Linear growth and exponential growth. Diseases are actually classified according to how fast they spread. 

The best way to explain linear growth is like this. For example, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and so on. On the other hand, exponential growth goes this way. First cases, there are  4, 8, 32, 64, and then to a thousand. And that’s what China, Italy, Iran, and Spain experienced.

Coronavirus or COVID 19 is a good example of exponential growth. 

The thing with COVID 19 according to Dr. Roy is that when people get sick, they have been sick for already 1 up to 2 weeks without necessarily knowing it and having symptoms. 

Healthy people without symptoms can infect anyone, regardless of age. 

For example, one person on a bus can infect all people on a bus.

And this is where Social distancing plays a very important role in the attempt to contain the disease. Not going out like putting yourself on a self-quarantine or not personally interacting with people is helpful as of this moment. Dr. Roy reiterated that healthy people are the biggest threat nowadays. He also added that health workers are front-liners who have a 90% chance of contracting the disease. That why we need to pray for them because a lot of them are being overwhelmed in the hospitals.

The new coronavirus in Europe mainly started in the Lombardy region in Italy, specifically in the textile industry were there a lot of Chinese workers. Lombardy region ranks 1 in medical performance rating. But their lockdown happened a bit later that’s why they are bombarded with so many cases nowadays. So Dr. Roy was actually saying that, no matter how best your health workers and facilities are, they won’t do so much good, if your hospitals are bombarded with so many patients. 

He quoted it as a new pattern of disease that we’ve never seen before.

How long will the lockdown last?

The lockdown is just the beginning just as Dr. Roy foresees. We’re running 3 weeks behind. The lockdown should have happened from the very 1st case.

What are Normal Symptoms?

Fever – 88%

Dry Cough – 68%

Fatigue – 38 %

Short Breath – 19%

Muscle & Joint Aches – 15 %

Throat Problems -14%

Headache – 14%

If you have one of these symptoms, consider yourself to be infected right away and isolate yourself.

Who are high risks?

Older people, those with high blood pressures, diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, and smokers

According to data, kids only have 2.4% chances under 19years old

Only 2.7% of kids will get severe problems.

What’s different with this new virus? 

COVID 19 creates lung fibrosis. That means the elasticity of the lungs becomes less. It will be filled with fluids. So the result is the person cannot breathe anymore because the oxygen is low.

Here’s Dr. Roy’s Theory

When you’re older, the elasticity of your lungs is less. Because of that, the virus has a bigger impact on your lungs. The virus is known to be weak in heat and dryness.

The virus can stay on phones and clothes. Wash clothes more often. Keep your shoes outside.

How to prepare?

“Thinking positive alone is not going to work. Panic is not going to work. Fear is not going to work. Prepare!”

What to do when you get the first symptoms? tips!

  1. If you don’t feel well, STAY  HOME!
  2. Get yourself 3 ESSENTIAL OILS! Tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and peppermint

*Tea Tree Oil is known to kill viruses. Here are the ingredients: 1 drop of tea tree oil in a 1 liter of water, drink a sip every 15 minutes

  1. GET A HUMIDIFIER, few drops of tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and peppermint. These 3 combined together. Put them in warm water or humidifier. Breathe in it every 15 minutes or as much as you can to clean the lungs.
  2. Keep your throat moist. DRINK WATER!
  3. DO DEEP BREATHING. Breath in deeply. Get those lungs oxygenated. Do it every 15 minutes, to keep the oxygen in your system running.
  4. NO MILK and DAIRY PRODUCTS as they create mucus in the lungs and in the gut.
  5. Eat light like salad, vegetables, and fruits, fresh juices, and teas. DO FASTING. 
Tips On How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus Or COVID 19 By Dr. Roy Martina