What Is GRIT? How To Apply GRIT In Life? An Interview with Dara Plan

What does GRIT really mean? Watch Pinoy Real’s interview with Dara Plan as they shed light on the subject of GRIT. Dara gives her insight by sharing her own experiences and wisdom that may help us fill the gap in the concept of grit.

Dara Plan is a Filipino Celebrity Make-up & Hairstylist, a Professional Beauty Guru at Suesh Cosmetics, a Beauty & Make-up Consultant for Rustan’s and Watsons, and a very inspiring woman.

What Is GRIT | How To Apply GRIT In Life | Dara Plan Interview | Pinoy Real

Interview Summary:

02:20 – Dara expresses her thoughts and experiences on the concept that surrounds “Grit”.

02:58 – What is Passion?

03:53 – What is Perseverance?

08:26 – How she tells if a student is going to last long in the industry or not?

12:30 – Dara talks about talent.

13:40 – Her favorite personal grit story…

17:40 – The young gritty Dara…

19:20 – Four factors of “Grit”…

23:54 – How to develop grit?

26:20 – Implementation of the Grit concept in the Philippine education system…

28:54 – Which is more important Character or Talent?

32:16 – More about purpose & goal…

33:59 – Encouraging word from Dara Plan…

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