Why I interview experts and successful people? | Pinoy Real

I would like to talk quickly about why interviewing people from different walks of life means a lot to me. First, interviewing people is actually one of my dreams and goals in life. I’ve always dreamed of reaching out to all kinds of people and asking them their inspiring stories in life. How did they make it? How did they do it from A to B to C? So I’m always curious about those things. And personal stories in itself touches and changes people lives. When I read for example Robert Kiyosaki’s book I got moved by it. Story is a very powerful tool. 

Second, interviewing people is the best way to learn right at that moment. Whether it is interviewing a child who is just learning to play a musical instrument or an entrepreneur who has experienced a lot of ups and downs in his business but still making it happen. I can learn from both of them as an interviewer. Yes, I just started interviewing a few weeks ago and loving it. But on the other hand, I also have a lot of things to learn which I am prepared to do.

Lastly, interviewing people is a wonderful opportunity to share the narrative to a bigger scale. So that they also can receive the information and decide for themselves, whether they apply the lessons or not. Will they try those tips or not? At the end of the day, It’s really all about sharing the truth and valuable contents and leaving it for the people to decide.

That’s all my thoughts for now! Feel free to watch my first interview sessions on YouTube under the channel called Pinoy Real. As I said, I’m just starting to interview and there are lots of room for improvement. So let me know how you find the interviews. Did you learn something from our guests? Write your comments down below.

Why I Interview Experts And Successful People? | Pinoy Real